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WTB TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit

WTB TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit

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The TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit features reusable “Rocket” anchors that can be preloaded with tire plugs to ensure they’re ready for immediate use upon detecting a puncture with your tubeless set-up. With two sizes of Rocket anchors available, riders can use 1-4 plugs per repair, accommodating various puncture sizes. Unlike traditional tire plugs that may rip out under high pressure or during aggressive cornering, the reusable Rocket anchors securely hold the plug in place. This dependable solution keeps the puncture sealed until the tire is replaced, at which point the Rocket anchor can be removed and reused with fresh tire plugs. Additionally, the “extra-hand” feature built into the storage cap is there to keep the air in the tire while you prepare your anchor and plug repair.

  • Reusable Rocket anchors rotate once pushed into the tire and physically prevent the plug from pulling back through the tire as a traditional plug would, due to high pressures or heavy cornering. There are four anchors included in each kit; two small and two large
  • Rocket Launcher tool facilitates easy insertion of plug-loaded anchors into the tire, its length is adjustable for various needs and tread depths. depths. The right number of plugs can be chosen based on local conditions. Once a puncture occurs, the rider quickly uses the tool to insert the selected number of plugs, achieving an instant, air-tight seal
  • The Extra Hand feature seals punctures temporarily, allowing riders to assess and address the damage without rush. It also serves as a reamer and aids in removing sticky anchors from the storage tubes, ensuring a smooth repair process
  • The Rocket Launcher tool is covered by slip-fit cap to provide quick and easy access during the fleeting seconds after a puncture occurs. This also fits on the backend of the internal storage, for a more comfortable grip while fixing your flat
  • Each kit comes with (15) 1.5mm diameter plugs. The small anchor holds up to two plugs and the large anchor holds up to four plugs
  • The TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit has internal storage for four anchors (two large and two small, included) and fifteen 1.5mm diameter tire plugs, with press-fit caps for quick and easy access

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