718 History

My history on a bike is one shared by many of us; childhood freedom, exploration, then fitness and transportation.

I was a bike messenger in the late 80's/early 90's in NYC (for Primetime, and later Meteor), until I got hit by a car on Broadway and 23rd Street. As much as I rode, I shudder to think how little I knew about my bike back then. I got “into” bikes after mine got stolen in 2008.

With great encouragement from my friends at Team Lope in SF, I decided to build a bike to commute to my job as an Architect in Manhattan.

3 things happened:

  1. While building in my back yard, my neighbor asked “do you sell those?”
  2. I found that getting hurt and filthy was a great counter-balance to my double-monitor desk job
  3. My wife told me that if I built any more bikes, I would have to get rid of some

    The first 2 years in my backyard were a blur. I bought a 10 x 10 metal shed (which BikeSnob christened the "Bike Meth Lab")

    718 Cyclery 2008-2010 (Meth Lab Era)

    Work commenced day and night, through rain and snow. There was an endless parade of people who felt the same way I did about working with one's hands.

    718 Cyclery 2010-2011

    718 Cyclery 2010-2011

    In late 2010, a storefront opened up a mere 1/2 blocks form my house. I decided that if we were ever going to make this backyard idea into a shop, this would be the chance to do it. The day we moved it, I realized it was too small for the amount of work coming in. 

    718 Cyclery 2011-2019

    In late 2011 we found a great space in Gowanus. In 2013 I left my day job as an architect to run the shop full time.

    718 Cyclery 2011-2019

    In 2014 we started leading Bike Camping trips, and I haven't been the same since

    718 Cyclery 2020-Present

    718 Cyclery 2020-Present

    In 2020, we moved back to 7th Ave to focus on Adventure Cycling and building custom bikes.

    I do what I do without arrogance or attitude, and run my shop the way that I would want my family to be treated. In addition to the bike thing, I also taught at Pratt and founded a non-profit that teaches lacrosse to city kids (www.brooklynlacrosse.org).

    In 2024, 718 Cyclery's name was officially changed to 718 Outdoors.

    Thanks for having a look, it is greatly appreciated