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Road Runner

Road Runner Jammer Handlebar Bag (7L)

Road Runner Jammer Handlebar Bag (7L)

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It's Jammer time! A unique high-volume, rackless, rando handlebar bag. This bag is perfect for city commuting/road touring/dirt bike packing, or casual beach rides  - load it up with the essentials and have plenty of room for more gear.

Height: 6"- 14"
Width: 10"
Depth: 5."
Weight: 1lb 

Volume: 11L at max height with two rolls down for waterproofing; 5L at the minimum roll. 

Max load limit: ~20 lbs! Respect this bag, and it will continue to give for years.

Minimum Front clearance required:  9" measured from the center of the stem faceplate to the top of the tire.
Minimum Rear clearance required: 9" measured from saddle rail to the top of the tire.

"This product, like all our products, is 100% vegan and crafted with the finest USA-made materials and hardware. No animals were harmed during the making of this bag." - Ester Song, CEO

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