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Lezyne HV Drive High Volume Hand Pump, Small: Silver

Lezyne HV Drive High Volume Hand Pump, Small: Silver

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Joe Tip:  I like this pump because it has a extension hose that allows for easy swapping bet\ween presta and schrader valves (many small pumps require removing and reversing small plastic pieces to make this happen), and it allows you to pump in a more comfortable position that isn't jerking it right at the valve

From the Manufacturer:

A compact, lightweight hand pump with an efficient, overlapping Composite Matrix handle, the Lezyne HV Drive features a CNC-machined aluminum barrel and piston and is optimized for high volume applications. It’s quipped with Lezyne's ABS Flex hose which is both Presta and Schrader valve compatible.

  • Presta and Shrader valve compatible

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