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Please note: Before ordering we need 2 dimensions from your bike ("Contact Height" and "Cradle Width").

Contact Height - The "Contact Point" is the spot where a Click-Stand would touch your bike. Typically that is where the bottom, or underside, of the top tube meets the seat tube. With your bike standing upright (vertical), measure from the "Contact Point" straight down to the ground (See image)

Cradle Width - The Cradle size typically is the diameter, the distance across or width, of your top tube (see image). Please indicate size in Ordering Notes.

Each order comes with 1 Click-Stand, 1 Frame Cradle, 2 Brake Straps and printed instructions.

  • Made from expedition/aircraft grade 7000 series aluminum tubing.
  • The Max's tubing is .433" (11mm) in diameter.
  • Supports you bike above its center of gravity, which makes it stronger and more stable than a traditional kickstand.
  • Weighs approximately 3.5 oz / 98 g (see image)
  • Supports fully-loaded touring bicycles, even loaded tandems pulling a Bob! Tour tested.
  • Paint friendly rubber coated replaceable cradle.
  • Non-slip rubber foot.
  • Lean your bike to either side.
  • Works on up, down, or side hills just as well as on flat ground.
  • USA Patent Protected.
  • A Click-Stand is not to be used with any type of child seat.

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