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Bert Shoes

Bert Shoes

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Why these made the Joe's Essentials List:  "Ive been using these shoes on for our entire 2024 season. I love them because they pack down small and tight, and comfortable and are washable" Joe

BERT is not just another outdoor sports shoe brand,it's a new kind of shoe that active people wear immediately before and after whatever they love to do, from running to riding and wakeboarding to white water rafting. Bert is the first ever pre/post activity shoe designed for the active life enthusiast. 

In Bert we don’t compete against any sports footwear; we complement it

Cycling, Hiking, Running, fishing, camping - whatever moves you  -we are ‘the other shoe’ specially designed for your pre and post-activity. 

In addition to our dedication to crafting quality products in Colombia, we are deeply committed to supporting our nation's communities that have endured the challenges of prolonged war and drug conflicts. Our shoe soles, crafted from recycled rubber, represent a harmonious blend of sustainability and social responsibility.

The natural rubber we use is sourced from ASOHECA, a community comprising 1,200 families dedicated to rubber production for the footwear and transportation industries. These families once involved in activities like working on cocaine farms or being associated with the Guerrilla, have been provided with a fresh start. The organization has not only offered them a chance at a new way of life but has also played a crucial role in their rehabilitation, allowing them to rebuild their lives.

Lastly, our dedication to making a difference extends to our furry friends. We cherish animals deeply and are actively involved in reducing the population of stray dogs and cats in our country. A portion of our profits goes towards supporting sterilization programs in underserved communities throughout Colombia.

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