718 Shop Builds

718 was founded in 2008 with me building bikes in my backyard on 16th Street in Brooklyn (see 718 History). Our Shop Build program is the evolution of that idea of working collaboratively with our customers. Basically, it's as simple as filling out a 2 minute form.. Submitting this form allows me to generate a Draft Parts List for your review. This is on online and shared document, and a process that we have used since 2008 for designing and building custom bikes with our customers.

718 Shop Build Form

This process is free, and comes with no obligation whatsoever. The Draft Parts List include a picture, description and cost of EVERY part that will be hung on your bike, with transparent pricing, simply organization and the ability to share with anyone in your life who you might want to have take a look.

We have build over 1,250 frame-up 718 Shop Builds...here is a gallery of "a few".