2024 Support Rider Program

The 2024 Support Rider Program has been Filled

718 Cyclery is looking for one person for each of our six 2024 Tours to act as a Support Rider. This is not a paid/employment position, and is not covered by governmental employment regulations as such. 

Support Riders will get a free registration for the particular trip they are supporting, and as "volunteers" are covered specifically under our ride insurance policy.

Support Riders will be fully responsible for travel costs, food and all other costs of the trip they are supporting. The terms of this agreement runs from the start date of the ride to the end date of the ride.

Responsibilities include riding in the back of the group (sweep), knowing the route/maps, having a clear understanding of the Ride Program/Emergency Action Plan, and the ability to lead part of the group if the group gets split up due to weather, timing, mechanical or routing issues.

Applicants must have bike camping experience, and have bike and gear in excellent working order. Mechanical requirements are minimal, as this role is mostly to be the eyes and ears at the back pf the group, and to communicate any stoppages to the group. Knowing how to fix a flat would be a plus.

Please confirm you have this time available before committing to the application process.