Bike Touring Planning Services

My name is Joe Nocella, and I have planned and led over 100 Bike Camping trips since 2014. In addition, my Routes and Ride Programs have been used to plan many hundreds of additional trips.

Process: The biggest caveat of this whole process is timing. For me to create the perfect package for your next Bike Camping trip, we need a lead time of at least 4 weeks. If your trip is in less than 4 week, email me at, and we'll see what we can do. Filling out the (quick and free) form below gets the process started.

Bike Touring Planning Services Inquiry Form

Our Tour Planning services draws on my Expertise, Experience and Passion for Bike Camping will be able to provide a comprehensive support package for you first solo ride, as well as you next group event.

What Your Get: (draft)

  • Maps: I develop my maps using RideWithGPS. This tool allows for route control and information depiction.
  • Welcome package
  • Instructions for using maps on GPS or phone devices
  • Zoom Call
  • Bike Evaluation: I have built 1000's of bikes, both stock and frame-up (it's how 718 got started)
  • Packing list and strategy
  • Ride Guide Books (1 per rider)

  • Training info
  • Insurance and Waiver Guidance (I you are leading a group)
  • Access to exclusive content (password protected page?)
  • Guidebooks
    • How to light a fire
    • Bear bag
  • Ride Program
  • Epic Ride Weather Reports
  • Live WhatsApp Support
  • Stickers/Logo: I will develop a circular logo and deliver five 3" stickers per rider.
  • Garmin with preloaded maps
  • Campsite booking
  • Bike logistics
  • 10% online shop



Getting Started: