2023 Bike Guide Mountainbikes

Continuing on our 2023 Bike Guides, here is our selection of Mountain Bikes. These are all bikes we can order for you and have ready to roll in a week (and sometimes less!), depending on availability. Bikes are listed in price order. In the spirit of selling bikes that can actually survive a trail experience, we start our guide at bikes priced at/above $699. Pricing shown is MSRP, please add sales tax (8.875) and 1/3 shipping (generally around $35).

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  • Part 5 “Mountain Bikes”

I know there are many cheaper options available online. however, buying through a bike shop has many advantages including bike quality, brand integrity, cost of ownership (repairs, warranty, etc), and the safety of having the bike professionally assembled. With bikes, almost more than anything else, you get what you pay for.

Email, call (347 457 5760) or just stop by to check availability, timeframe or to place an order.

Bike Selector: Not too interested in heading to a bike shop that has 100’s of bikes lined up, aisle after aisle? Lets cut to the chase with our one-on-one Bike Selector experience. It’s me (Joe, owner of 718) and you (you) figuring this out, real-time and responsive (I’ve built my business on being responsive to my customers). Free-to-use and no obligation.

Kona Lana’i $699

We all remember our first mountain bike. For many of us it was a bike like the Lana’i. Affordable enough not to feel too risky but stocked with components that give you the freedom to explore off-road. The Lana’i features integrated shifters and brake levers to streamline the cockpit and is now available in three wheel sizes: 26" for size XS, 27.5" for S and M, and 29" for L and XL. With an 8-speed drivetrain, grippy disc brakes and a 100mm travel fork, the Lana’i is the perfect way to taste what real singletrack riding has to offer.

Kona Lana’i 718 Cyclery

Kona Lana’i $699

Marin Bobcat Series, $699-$999

The Bobcat Trail is a capable mountain bike with modern trail geometry build for exploring singletrack trail systems. Best-in-class frames and solid, serviceable spec make the Bobcat Trail a solid choice for the recreational rider looking to step up to modern geo and step deeper into mountain biking, and for the experienced rider in search of an update that doesn’t break the bank.

Marin Bobcat 3 718 Cyclery

Marin Bobcat 3 $699

Marin Bobcat 4 718 Cyclery

Marin Bobcat 4 $799

Marin Bobcat 5 718 Cyclery

Marin Bobcat 5 $999

Jamis Trail X $729-$829

Building great recreational-level bikes that ride much like our high-end bikes is a passion at Jamis. No bikes showcase our commitment to do just that better than these. The Trail X chassis emphasizes all-day performance with quick, but not overly twitchy handling attributes. Make no mistake though, if you want to throw down they’re more than able to keep up

Jamis Trail X A2 718 Cyclery

Jamis Trail X A2 $729

Jamis Trail X A1 718 Cyclery

Jamis Trail X A1$ $829

Jamis Durango $729-$829

The Durango frame features a sloping top tube that optimizes stand-over clearance while at the same time adding great looks. The over-sized down tube and head tube also offer plenty of strength, stiffness, and fork crown clearance.

Jamis Durango A2 718 Cyclery

Jamis Durango A2 $729

Jamis Durango A1 718 Cyclery

Jamis Durango A1 $829

Jamis Helix, $729-$829

Building great recreational-level bikes that ride much like our high-end bikes is a passion at Jamis. No bikes showcase our commitment to do just that better than these. The Helix chassis emphasizes all-day performance with quick, but not overly twitchy handling attributes. Make no mistake though, if you want to throw down they’re more than able to keep up.

Jamis Helix A2 718 Cyclery

Jamis Helix A2 $729

Jamis Helix A1 718 Cyclery

Jamis Helix A1 $829

Kona Lava Dome, $875

The Lava Dome is kind of like your best friend, but in bike form. It’s awesome in the dirt. It’s awesome to rally around town. It’s awesome poking around neighborhood singletrack, and it does it all in a dependable way. The Lava Dome features an easy-to-use 9-speed drivetrain with a clutch rear derailleur as well as sleek internal cable routing and dropouts. With strong 29” wheels that can accept up to a 2.6” tires, this bike is ready for everything in its path!

Kona Lava Dome 718 Cyclery

Kona Lava Dome, $875

Kona Fire Mountain, $875

This Kona classic brings some of the finer things to light. The Fire Mountain is running a smooth-shifting 9-speed drivetrain to keep things manageable across varying terrain and hydraulic disc brakes to stop on a dime. With 100mm of adjustable suspension and sturdy tires aboard wider 27mm rims, the Fire Mountain helps build confidence off-road. Available for smaller riders in a 26” wheeled XS version and a 27.5” wheel for sizes S-XL.

Kona Fire Mountain 718 Cyclery

Kona Fire Mountain, $875

Jamis HIghpoint $999-$1249

Designed with geometry like our Komodo, the Highpoint® is ready to tackle all aspects of trail riding. With a 5” travel fork with thru axle and tubeless rims, the Highpoint performs as a true all-arounder. It’s a fact: larger wheels roll over obstacles more easily than smaller wheels. Stuff like rocks, logs, and stutter bumps. In other words, they’ll roll easier and faster on the trails you ride.

Jamis HIghpoint A2 718 Cyclery

Jamis HIghpoint A2 $999

Jamis HIghpoint A1 718 Cyclery

Jamis HIghpoint A1 $1249

Marin San Quentin Series, $999-$1999


The San Quentin is for the aggressive hardtail trail rider looking for a blend between singletrack capabilities and extended air time.

Marin San Quentin 1 718 Cyclery

Marin San Quentin 1, $999

Marin San Quentin 2 718 Cyclery

Marin San Quentin 2, $1499

Marin San Quentin 3 718 Cyclery

Marin San Quentin 3, $1999

Salsa Rangefinder $1199-$1699

(coming soon) Rangefinder is our approachable trail hardtail. It’s designed with trail geometry and proper features for a confident ride when seeking thrills on singletrack. The 29" and 27.5 Plus wheel options offer two different ride experiences—go with 29" for better rollover on trail obstacles or the 27.5" bike for extra traction on your adventures.

Kona Cinder Cone, $1199

Much like its larger-wheeled sibling, the Mahuna, the Cinder Cone is the perfect all-rounder for the person looking to ride off-road or cruise around the backwoods bike paths. It features an air fork with 100mm of travel, as well as a dependable 11-speed drivetrain and disc brakes. If you’re a fan of plus bikes, you can run up to 2.8” tires. The Cinder Cone is where the mountain meets functionality at a great price.

Kona Cinder Cone 718 Cyclery

Kona Cinder Cone, $1199

Kona Mahuna, $1199

The Mahuna strikes that perfect balance of mountain bike and all-around fun rig. Its 29” wheels easily roll over obstacles and provide a smooth, predictable ride. The fork features 100mm of supple travel and together with the 29” wheels, helps keep bumps in check. You have complete control over stopping with powerful hydraulic disc brakes. An 11-speed drivetrain makes quick work of tough hills ensuring the Mahuna is as fun going up as it is going down.

Kona Mahuna 718 Cyclery

Kona Mahuna, $1199

Marin Team Marin, $1499-$2499

The Team Marin is built with the privateer XC racer in mind, ready for evening hot laps and weekend race days.

Marin Team Marin 1 718 Cyclery

Marin Team Marin 1, $1499

Marin Team Marin 2 718 Cyclery

Marin Team Marin 2, $2499

Kona Kahuna, $1499

It’s called the Kahuna for a reason. This bike is the king of our classic hardtail lineup and it’s often the bike that makes people realize how awesome a mountain bike can be. With its confidence-inspiring progressive geometry, 29” wheels, 100mm suspension fork, and internal cable routing for an optional dropper post, the Kahuna is at home on your local singletrack or flow park. The Kahuna features nice touches such as a 12-speed drivetrain and powerful hydraulic disc brakes. It’s the bike that’s ready to get you to the next level!

Kona Kahuna 718 Cyclery

Kona Kahuna, $1499

Kona Unit and Unit X, $1399-$1599

the Unit were to put out a wanted ad for its ideal rider it might look something like this: Cromoly, single-speed badass ISO someone to adventure with. Some people call me rigid. I think I’m just classy. I like long rides in the sun (or mud, or snow), will carry all your stuff, will last forever, and promise to be the bike that turns heads wherever you go. I can be converted to a 12-speed if that’s your thing. Like food? I have Bento box mounts too! Let’s party!

Kona Unit 718 Cyclery

Kona Unit $1399

Kona Unit X 718 Cyclery

Kona Unit X, $1599

Marin Pine Mountain $1499-$2399

The Pine Mountain is a classic steel hardtail with modern trail capabilities for hardtail purists pushing the limits and seeking adventure.

Marin Pine Mountain 1 718 Cyclery

Marin Pine Mountain 1 $1499

Marin Pine Mountain 2 718 Cyclery

Marin Pine Mountain 2 $2399

Surly Lowside, $1549

Lowside is like the grownup version of the bike you rode when you were a kid and still had hopes and dreams and some semblance of ambition. It’s just as happy riding singletrack as it is parked outside your favorite drinking establishment.

Lowside is a single speed mountain bike. Singlespeeding has been a part of Surly’s DNA since day one when we launched the 1x1 Rat Ride. After a lot of Homie Fall Fests and more feats of strength than we can recall, we decided to discontinue it a couple years back. Lowside picks up right where the 1x1 left off.

Surly Lowside 718 Cyclery

Surly Lowside, $1549

Kona Big Honzo $1599-$1999

The Big Honzo is a killer bike for the price. It’s got everything you need and nothing you don’t. Hubs featuring Boost spacing hold nice, beefy 2.8” tires. This is the perfect bike for when you need a little extra grip rolling over tricky roots and rocks.

Kona Big Honzo 718 Cyclery

Kona Big Honzo $1599

Kona Big Honzo DL 718 Cyclery

Kona Big Honzo DL $1999

Surly Ogre, $1749

If you’re like us, your bike needs likely change by the day, week, month or year. Quite the adaptable little beast, Ogre can get you to your job during the week, then way out of town on the weekend. It’s not sluggish on pavement or gravel and can also hold its own on singletrack.

Ogre is designed to be the ultimate steel utility vehicle. It relishes in those “take-the-long-way-home-and-find-some-beverages-along-the-way” sort of commutes. Snow, sleet or sweltering humidity, this is an ideal year-round commuter bike. You can also haul enough crap on it that you don’t even have to go home if you don’t want to.

Surly Ogre 718 Cyclery

Surly Ogre, $1749

Marin Rift Zone Series $1799-$4859

Feel the Rifty Love! Our take on the ultimate do-it-all trail bike, the Marin Rift Zone is made to party, whatever your jam might be. Your ideal partner for everything from all-day epics, to local shred laps to big mountain adventures, the Rifty is Made For Fun.

Marin Rift Zone 27.5 1 718 Cyclery

Rift Zone 27.5 1, $1799

Marin Rift Zone 29 1 718 Cyclery

Rift Zone 29 1, $1799

Marin Rift Zone 29 Carbon 1 718 Cyclery

Rift Zone 29 Carbon 1, $3799

Marin Rift Zone 27.5 2 718 Cyclery

Marin Rift Zone 27.5 2, $2399

Marin Rift Zone 29 2 718 Cyclery

Marin Rift Zone 27.5 2, $2399

Marin Rift Zone 29 Carbon 2 718 Cyclery

Rift Zone 29 Carbon 2, $4379

Marin Rift Zone 27.5 xr 718 Cyclery

Marin Rift Zone 27.5 XR, $3499

Marin Rift Zone 29 XR 718 Cyclery

Marin Rift Zone 29 XR, $3499

Marin Rift Zone 29 Carbon XR 718 Cyclery

Rift Zone 29 Carbon XR, $4859

Kona WO and WOO, $1799-$2499

The Wo has been a staple in our fat bike lineup for a few years now. Its simple, dependable design has made it a favorite for fat bike aficionados everywhere. Running a wide range 11-speed drivetrain, durable cranks, and big ol’ 4.8” tires on tubeless-ready rims, the Wo gets you where you need to go with ease.

The Woo continues to be one beloved fat beast! Its ability to carry massive amounts of gear with its three-pack cage mounts aboard its carbon disc fork make it a sand and snow bikepacking favorite. With geometry derived from the Honzo, ultra-powerful hydraulic disc brakes and a 12-speed drivetrain, you’re in complete control whether climbing up snowy mountains or surfing sandy descents. 4.8” tires ensure that rolling over anything is possible. We bet you’ll catch yourself “Wooing” your way down your favorite trails.

Kona WO 718 Cyclery

Kona WO $1799

Kona WOO 718 Cyclery

Kona WOO, $2499

Surly Wednesday, $1849

Wednesday sits in the middle of our Trail category, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that’s its only use. With Wednesday, we borrowed elements from some of our Trail and Touring models to create a versatile fat tire trail bike that can truly handle anything you want to attempt.

If you do an equal amount of off-road touring as you do hitting trails, Wednesday’s ability to play both parts equally will suit you well. Or, if you’re looking for a fat bike and don’t need the fattest tires on the market, Wednesday’s 26 x 4.6” tire clearance is just the ticket.

Surly Wednesday 718 Cyclery

Surly Wednesday, $1849

Surly Karate Monkey, $1849-$2649

Karate Monkey delivers a resilient, lively ride on all sorts of gnarly terrain. Its frame is a highly-versatile canvas for whatever dirty masterpiece your brain cooks up. According to our computing machine (Thor) it can be set up in approximately 487 different configurations.

Originally designed as a 29er (and the frame that helped spark the 29” wheel movement), the latest Karate Monkey is designed to perform just as admirably as a 27.5+ rig as well. This allows you to pick your poison — provided your poison is having a really great time while permanently donning a shit-eating grin, of course.

Surly Karate Monkey 718 Cyclery

Surly Karate Monkey, $1849

Surly Karate Monkey (Sus) 718 Cyclery

Surly Karate Monkey (Sus) $2649

Surly Krampus, $1849-$2649

As the first “plus” bike to hit the market, Krampus changed the way many people approach trail riding. It’s shown people the light of how high volume, large diameter tires can vastly improve the ride experience. It’s also done a bang-up job dispelling the myth that big tires make you slow.

Krampus is kind of like the opposite of a mullet: long in the front and short in the rear. With a long toptube and compact chainstays, it takes trail-shredding abilities to the next level. A mullet may be business in the front, party in the back but Krampus makes partying its business.

Surly Krampus 718 Cyclery

Surly Krampus, $1849

Surly Krampus (Sus) 718 Cyclery

Surly Krampus (Sus) $2649

Kona Honzo $1899-$3099

Often imitated, but never duplicated, the Honzo is a part of Kona’s foundation. The Honzo is the solution for the rider wanting something a bit more aggressive than a traditional cross-country hardtail. A 130mm fork provides just enough suspension to make quick work of technical sections of trail. Whether you’re a seasoned rider looking for timeless hardtail or a newer rider looking to go a bit deeper into the mountain bike world, the Honzo is an excellent choice.

Kona Honzo 718 Cyclery

Kona Honzo $1899

Kona Honzo DL 718 Cyclery

Kona Honzo DL $2699

Kona Honzo ESD 718 Cyclery

Kona Honzo ESD $3099

Surly Grappler, $1949

Off-road enthusiasts have been Frankensteining drop bars onto trail bikes for decades, so we designed the Grappler to scratch that itch with a little more precision. Engineered first and foremost around a stable and comfortable drop-bar hand position, its trail-ready geo provides a spirited ride on mixed terrain.

Surly Grappler 718 Cyclery

Surly Grappler, $1949

Jamis Komodo 29, $1999

Komodo’s rear end is solid, they way an aggressive hardtail should be. A 12mm thru-axle and robust chainstays promote torsional rigidity, which will you’ll no doubt notice when whipping through corners or rallying through rock sections. 

Jamis Komodo 29 718 Cyclery

Jamis Komodo 29, $1999

Jamis Faultline $1999-$2599

Dual suspension platforms open up a whole new world of on-trail speed and control. Faultline combines our proven MP2 design, the suspension platform that’s won us numerous industry accolades and Bike of the Year awards, with 29″ wheels and a smart spec. It’s the perfect rig for the experienced hardtail rider looking to upgrade to a dual suspension bike, or for a new rider looking for a bit of a head start.

Jamis Faultline A2 718 Cyclery

Jamis Faultline A2 $1999

Jamis Faultline A1 718 Cyclery

Jamis Faultline A1c$2599

Surly Ice Cream Truck, $2349

From log and root covered ribbons of twisty singletrack to miles of powdery snow or sandy beaches, Ice Cream Truck can handle it all. Hell, you could probably even hop over a grizzly if the situation arises. Probably.

While we could certainly throw out terms like “confidence-inspiring” and “traction-laden” to describe Ice Cream Truck, those phrases are mostly bullshit, so we’re not going to do that. We’re not here to inspire you, and we didn’t laden it with anything. What we did do was design a monolith of a trail bike that doesn’t give two shits about what’s in front of it.

Surly Ice Cream Truck 718 Cyclery

Surly Ice Cream Truck, $2349

Marin El Roy, $2399


The El Roy is the ultimate aggressive steel hardtail that’ll get you to the top, and then really shine on the way down, with a spicy mix of progressive geometry and supple steel.

Marin El Roy 718 Cyclery

Marin El Roy, $2399

Jamis Dragon 29, $2499

We’ve been designing and building Dragons since 1993, but this latest version is an entirely new beast. Slacker front end and longer top tube means more room to get rowdy…with the buttery smooth ride our steel Dragon is legendary for. Say hello to your new favorite hardtail. 

Jamis Dragon 29, 718 Cyclery

Jamis Dragon 29, $2499

Kona Process Series, $2599-$8799

The Process is Kona’s flagship dual suspension line. There are 11 models, please click image below for more info

Kona Process 134 27.5 718 Cyclery

Process 134 27.5, $2599

Kona Process 134 DL 29 718 Cyclery

Process 134 DL 29, $3999

Kona Process 153 27.5 718 Cyclery

Process 153 27.5, $3399

Kona Process 153 X CR 718 Cyclery

Process X CR, $5999

Kona Process 134 29 718 Cyclery

Process 134 29, $2599

Kona Process 134 CR 29 718 Cyclery

Process 134 CR 29, $5199

Kona Process 153 29 718 Cyclery

Process 153 29 $3399

Kona Process 153 X CR.DL 718 Cyclery

Process X CR/DL, $8799

Kona Process 134 DL 27.5 718 Cyclery

Process 134 DL 27.5, $3999

Kona Process 134 CR/DL 29 718 Cyclery

Process 134 CR/DL 29, $6999

Kona Process 153 DL 29 718 Cyclery

Process 153 DL 29 $4099

Salsa Rustler $2799-$7499

(coming soon) Rustler is our 27.5" trail bike. It rewards riders who throw some body language into their riding and brings out the fun in every little trail feature. The supportive Split Pivot suspension design combined with a short wheelbase and 27.5" wheels make for a nimble bike that loves to cut loose.

Marin Alpine Trail Series, $2999-$4499


Marin Alpine Trail 7 718 Cyclery

Marin Alpine Trail 7, $2999

Marin Alpine Carbon 1 718 Cyclery

Marin Alpine Trail Carbon 1, $3599

Marin Alpine Trail XR 718 Cyclery

Marin Alpine Trail XR, $3599

Marin Alpine Carbon 2 718 Cyclery

Marin Alpine Trail Carbon 2, $4499

Kona Hei Hei $3199-$6999

If we had to sum up the Hei Hei in one sentence it would be this: The Hei Hei is fast, fun, easy to ride, climbs like a mountain goat, descends like a cheetah, is affordable, has no frills but everything you need with its 120mm of front and 100mm of rear travel, and will ensure that you end every ride with a smile on your face. Run on sentences aside, the Hei Hei has been in our lineup for decades because it’s one of the best bikes we’ve ever made. It blurs the line between XC and trail bike and has proved that great ideas evolve into bikes with staying power.

Kona Hei Hei 718 Cyclery

Kona Hei Hei $3199

Kona Hei Hei CR 718 Cyclery

Kona Hei Hei CR $4899


Kona Hei Hei CR/DL 718 Cyclery

Kona Hei Hei CR/DL $6999

Salsa Blackthorn $3299-$7899

Blackthorn is our 29er all-mountain bike. It’s a well-balanced machine built for riding rugged descents, technical climbs, and everything in between with confidence. It hits a sweet spot in the 29" full suspension mountain bike category—the active rear end stays planted while climbing and descending while the geometry and travel make for an exceptionally stable ride through rocks, roots, drops, jumps, and anything else you come across.

Salsa Blackthorn Deore 718 Cyclery

Salsa Blackthorn Deore $3299

Salsa Blackthorn Carbon SLX 718 Cyclery

Salsa Blackthorn Carbon SLX $4999

Salsa Blackthorn X01 Eagle 718 Cyclery

Salsa Blackthorn X01 Eagle $7899

Salsa Blackthorn SLX 718 Cyclery

Salsa Blackthorn SLX $4099

Salsa Blackthorn GX Eagle 718 Cyclery

Salsa Blackthorn GX Eagle $6299

Salsa Spearfish $3449-$6999

(coming soon) Spearfish is our progressive XC bike. It’s designed to thrive in stamina-testing XC and endurance efforts, with plenty of fun built in for weeknight trail rides. With a supportive Split Pivot rear end, modern geometry, and ride-all-day cargo features, Spearfish is ready to go the distance.

Salsa Horsethief $3499-$6999

(coming soon) Horsethief is our trail bike with 29" wheels. It’s one bike for many trails, equally comfortable on local singletrack and excursions to faraway dirt destinations. With trail geometry, Split Pivot suspension design, and room for two water bottles, It’s a solid choice for anyone seeking an aluminum or carbon fiber trail bike they can ride all day long on most of the trails they come across.

Jamis Hardline Series, $3499-$9499

With the 3VO system’s unique virtual pivot characteristics, we’re able to combine the efficiency of a hardtail with the proper support of precisely-controlled active suspension. This is how every full-suspension bike should ride.

Jamis Hardline A2 718 Cyclery

Jamis Hardline A2, $3499

Jamis Hardline C2 718 Cyclery

Jamis Hardline C2, $6999

Jamis Hardline C4 718 Cyclery

Jamis Hardline C4, $4799

Jamis Hardline C1 718 Cyclery

Jamis Hardline C1, $9499

Jamis Hardline C3 718 Cyclery

Jamis Hardline C3, $5699

Jamis Portal Series $3799-$9499

With the 3VO system’s unique virtual pivot characteristics, we’re able to combine the efficiency of a hardtail with the proper support of precisely-controlled active suspension. This is how every full-suspension bike should ride. 

Jamis Portal A2 718 Cyclery

Jamis Portal A2 $3799

Jamis Portal C2 718 Cyclery

Jamis Portal C2 $6999

Jamis Portal C4 718 Cyclery

Jamis Portal C4 $4799

Jamis Portal C1 718 Cyclery

Jamis Portal C1 $9499

Jamis Portal C3 718 Cyclery

Jamis Portal C3 $5699

Salsa Cassidy $4099-$6399

Cassidy is our enduro 29er, built for tackling big terrain when hunting down the world’s most rowdy descents or climbing technical trails with finesse. Compared to the other aluminum and carbon enduro bike options out there, Cassidy offers incredible stability and traction with a unique set of features.

Salsa Cassidy SLX 718 Cyclery

Salsa Cassidy SLX $4099

Salsa Cassidy Carbon GX Eagle 718 Cyclery

Salsa Cassidy Carbon GX Eagle $6399

Salsa Cassidy SLX Carbon 718 Cyclery

Salsa Cassidy SLX Carbon $4999

Niner (coming soon)

  • WFO 9

  • RIP 9

  • JET 9

  • RKT 9

  • AIR 9