2023 Bike Guide Bikes Within Reach

A few years back, I wrote a guide about some quality bikes that were “affordable” (realizing this is a relative term). Here is my 2023 edition. Bikes are listed from low to high in terms of pricing, and I am using the ceiling of $1500 as the pricing maximum. These are all bikes we can order for you and have ready to roll in a week (and sometimes less!), depending on availability. Pricing shown is MSRP, please add sales tax (8.875) and 1/3 shipping (generally around $35).

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  • Part 1 “Bikes Within Reach (under $1500)
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  • Part 3 “Higher End Bikes” (over $2500)
  • Part 4 “ Cargo Bikes and E-Bikes”
  • Part 5 “Mountain Bikes”

    Please note there are some great bikes under $1500 (and even $1000) in our Mountain Bike Guide

    I know there are many cheaper options available online. however, buying through a bike shop has many advantages including bike quality, brand integrity, cost of ownership (repairs, warranty, etc), and the safety of having the bike professionally assembled. With bikes, almost more than anything else, you get what you pay for.

    Email, call (347 457 5760) or just stop by to check availability, timeframe or to place an order.

    Bike Selector: Not too interested in heading to a bike shop that has 100’s of bikes lined up, aisle after aisle? Lets cut to the chase with our one-on-one Bike Selector experience. It’s me (Joe, owner of 718) and you (you) figuring this out, real-time and responsive (I’ve built my business on being responsive to my customers). Free-to-use and no obligation.

    Fyxation Bikes

    Fyxation was started in 2009 by two brothers from Milwaukee, WI. At the time, one of the founders had been living in Taiwan for more than four years working as the chief engineer for a big US based bike component company. After years riding the streets of Milwaukee and Taiwan he saw a need for a durable yet stylish urban focused bicycle tire. He took the idea to paper, then to CAD, and before long steel was being cut on the first Session tire mold.

    State Bicycles

    State Bicycles. Rider-Developed means never losing sight of why we ride bikes: the fun of it. It also means that your bicycle, gear, accessories and clothing were expertly crafted with the quality of your ride at the forefront of it all. At State Bicycle Co., we strive to bring smooth-riding and premiere fixed gear, single speed, city and off-road bikes to all styles of riders.

    Marin Fairfax $499-$989

    Marin Fairfax 1, built for the flat-bar road/fitness/hybrid rider. Named "Best Hybrid" by Wirecutter, built around a lightweight Series 1 aluminum frame, stout chromoly fork, and a dependable Shimano drivetrain.

    Marin Fairfax 718 Cyclery

    Marin Fairfax 1 $499

    Marin Fairfax 718 Cyclery

    Marin Fairfax 3 $989

    Marin Fairfax 718 Cyclery

    Marin Fairfax 2 $699

    Marin Presidio $579-$1149

    The Presidio is our dedicated commuting range, designed with low maintenance and adaptability in mind. Disc brakes, puncture resistant tires and high performance belt drives or corrosion-resistant chains are built tough for city streets, while the lightweight aluminum frames feature all of the attachment points and braze-ons that commuters demand.

    Marin Presidio 718 Cyclery

    Marin Presidio 1 $579

    Marin Presidio 718 Cyclery

    Marin Presidio 3 $1149

    Marin Presidio 718 Cyclery

    Marin Presidio 2 $899

    Kona Dew, $659

    The Dew is Kona’s classic all-around commuter/townie option for someone looking for an affordable, comfortable ride. The Dew is an efficient bike that features a drivetrain with a broad gear range and integrated brake and shifter levers. It’s available in a few colors so you can pick the bike that best suits your style. Equal parts functional and fun, the Dew is at home whether you’re hopping curbs on urban rides, cruising the bike paths, or rallying to the local pub (konaworld.com/dew)

    Kona Dew 718 Cyclery

    Kona Dew, Red, $659

    Kona Dew 718 Cyclery

    Kona Dew, Satin Asphalt Grey, $659

    Kona Dew 718 Cyclery

    Kona Dew, Mint Green, $659

    Kona Dew 718 Cyclery

    Kona Dew, Gold, $659

    Jamis Coda S2, S1, $769-$1049

    Our Codas have been some of our most popular bikes for decades, and for good reason. There’s the smooth-riding Reynolds chromoly frames, the well-thought-out geometry, the heads-up riding position and the smart component selections, from the super-wide gearing range to the easy-adjust stems: these bikes are simply some of the best and most versatile around (Jamis.com/coda)

    Jamis Coda S2 718 Cyclery

    Jamis Coda S2, $769 (also available in womens sizing)

    Jamis Coda 718 Cyclery

    Jamis Coda S1, $1049 (also available in womens sizing)

    Kona Dew Plus, $829

    When riding your bike, you want a few simple things. Comfort, function, and control are at the top of the list, so we built the Dew Plus with all three in mind. The Dew Plus features a 10-speed drivetrain for smooth shifting and a broad gear range. Hydraulic disc brakes keep the bike in control in tricky conditions. With geometry that keeps the rider comfortable on rides long or short and a kickstand, it’s a great choice for commutes. (kona.com/dewplus)

    Kona Dew Plus 718 Cyclery

    Kona Dew Plus, Orange, $829

    Kona Dew Plus 718 Cyclery

    Kona Dew Plus, Black, $829

    Kona Dew Plus 718 Cyclery

    Kona Dew Plus, Dreagonfly Green, $829

    Kona Dew Plus 718 Cyclery

    Kona Dew Plus, Kodiak Yellow, $829

    Kona Coco, $829

    Style points matter. The Coco pays homage to the classic European step-through bicycle. Internal shift cable routing helps keeps the lines clean and sleek, and puncture-resistant tires help keep the ride stress-free. This is the bike that makes neighborhood cruising more fun, so we don’t blame you if you “forgot the milk/beer/wine” and need to ride back to the store to pick it up. Don’t be surprised if you turn a few heads on this bike!

    Kona Coco 718 Cyclery

    Kona Coco, $829

    Marin Larkspur $869-$1149

    Adventure mixte. Veteran urban riders have been building and cruising bikes like the Larkspur for years, making bikes that are just as functional as they are fun. Picking the best from the mountain bike world and blending it with commuter sensibility, the Larkspur is ready to take you most places worth riding to.

    Marin Larkspur 718 Cyclery

    Marin Larkspur 1 $869

    Marin Larkspur 718 Cyclery

    Marin Larkspur 2 $1149

    Surly Preamble, $899-$1199

    The challenge was thus: Build a serious steel bike and give it only the attributes that matter most. Make it quick and comfortable on pavement, as well as confident and compliant on degraded surfaces. What the Enginerds put forth is Preamble, a pavement and gravel utility worker that proves you don’t need to cut corners or clip coupons to make a more affordable steel bike. You just need to keep shit simple.

    Preamble can run racks and fenders and carry a couple water bottles. Surly was raised on stealing basic cable, after all. Smooth and efficient on asphalt, Preamble’s double-butted main triangle provides a resplendent ride feel and withstands abuse from life’s inevitable potholes. Make it your own with flat bars, drop bars, a basket, or bags. On the road to steel euphoria, Preamble is the gateway drug.

    Surly Preamble 718 Cyclery

    Surly Preamble, $899

    Surly Preamble 718 Cyclery

    Surly Preamble, $1199

    State 4130 All-Road, $899

    The 4130 All-Road offers the benefits of advanced-gravel technology at an accessible price. Featuring a rugged 4130 Chromoly Steel Frame / Fork w/ plenty of cargo mounts, the choice wheels (thru-axle): 700c with “slick” tires or 650b with knobby tires, 11speed drive-train, and disc-brakes. This is our most capable bike ever!

    State 4130 ALL-ROAD 718 Cyclery

    State 4130 ALL-ROAD, $899

    State 4130 ALL-ROAD 718 Cyclery

    State 4130 ALL-ROAD, $899

    Marin Muir Woods, $899

    Get on bike. Hit the pedals. Drop the curb. Sprint. Up the bank. Pump for speed. Nail the turn. Left/right. Back onto road. Spin the legs. Lights. Breathe. On the power. A breeze. Wave to the person with the nice bike. Tuck for speed. A waft of coffee. Freewheel the long hill. Stop, pedestrian. Likes your bike. Smile. Pedal. Cruise the s-bends. Big phat skid. What a blast. Repeat?

    Travel the fun way with the new Marin Muirwoods.

    Modern transport for the urban jungle and countryside adventures.

    Marin Muir Woods 718 Cyclery

    Marin Muir Woods, $899

    Marin Nicasio, $899-$1099

    The Nicasio is for the rider looking for something different and modern, yet with traditional steel construction. Classic lines and CrMo frame tubes have the soul of a classic bike, with a reliable 1x9 drivetrain, and the geometry and 650B x 47mm tires to let riders handle any surface.

    Marin Nicasio 718 Cyclery

    Marin Nicasio, $899

    Marin Nicasio 718 Cyclery

    Marin Nicasio +, $1099

    Kona Dew Deluxe, $949

    The Dew Deluxe is the workhorse of choice for commuters from all around the world, whether riding to work or to the grocery store. A reliable, easy-to-ride bike ensures a safe and efficient ride every time you’re on it. With upright and comfortable geometry, a reliable 11-speed drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, fast-rolling, puncture-resistant 650x47c tires, and fenders with mud flaps, the Dew Deluxe will get you there in no time at all. (www.kona.com/dewdeluxe)

    Kona Dew Deluxe 718 Cyclery

    Kona Dew Deluxe, $949

    Kona Dew Deluxe 718 Cyclery

    Kona Dew Deluxe, $949

    Fairdale Weekender Archer/Nomad, $999-$1499

    One of the first Fairdales that we ever made was the Weekender. We envisioned a “light-tourer” that would work as a weekday commuter and a weekend getaway machine.

    Over the years we have refined the Weekender, but its focus has stayed the same. The riding position is comfortable for the long haul or an evening ride. The shifting is wonderfully simple to use, and the disc brakes get a nice power-boost from our own Linear Slic Kables, made for us by Odyssey®.

    The Weekender has a redesigned geometry to work with 27.5 x 2.1" tires, and also leaves plenty of space for compatibility with 700c wheels if you ever feel like changing it up.*

    Fairdale Weekend Archer 718 Cyclery

    Fairdale Weekender Archer, $999

    Fairdale Weekender Nomad MX 718 Cyclery

    Fairdale Weekender Nomad MX, $1449

    Marin Gestalt $999-$1299

    The Gestalt is for the drop bar rider that doesn’t want to stick to pavement, and can’t help but get dirty no matter the route. Long distance commuters and all-weather riders will appreciate the fender and rack mounts and the sure stopping disc brakes, and the larger volume tires are right at home on that unexpected detour.

    Marin Gestalt 718 Cyclery

    Marin Gestalt $999

    Marin Gestalt 718 Cyclery

    Marin Gestalt 1 $1299

    Salsa Journeyer $1029-$1499

    Journeyer is Salsa’s workhorse all-road adventure machine. Its versatility and confidence-inspiring ride are the perfect gateway to all-road riding—Journeyer can be your 700c or 650b gravel bike; your drop bar or flat bar gravel bike; your do-anything all-road bike.

    Salsa Journeyer Acolyte 650b 718 Cyclery

    Salsa Journeyer Acolyte 650b, $1029

    Salsa Journeyer Advent 650b 718 Cyclery

    Salsa Journeyer Advent 650b, $1149

    Salsa Journeyer Claris 650b 718 Cyclery

    Salsa Journeyer Claris 650b, $1149

    Salsa Journeyer Deore 650b 718 Cyclery

    Salsa Journeyer Deore 650b, $1249

    Salsa Journeyer Sora 650b 718 Cyclery

    Salsa Journeyer Sora 650b, $1499

    Salsa Journeyer Acolyte 700c 718 Cyclery

    Salsa Journeyer Acolyte 700c, $1029

    Salsa Journeyer Advent 700c 718 Cyclery

    Salsa Journeyer Advent 700c, $1149

    Salsa Journeyer Claris 700c 718 Cyclery

    Salsa Journeyer Claris 700c, $1149

    Salsa Journeyer Deore 700c 718 Cyclery

    Salsa Journeyer Deore 700c, $1249

    Salsa Journeyer Sora 700c 718 Cyclery

    Salsa Journeyer Sora 700c, $1499

    Jamis Ventura A2, A1, $1049 - $1299

    Our Ventura bikes borrow heavily from our race-proven geometry to help keep you in front on the local Saturday ride. But we’ve softened the edges of that geo just a bit for a more comfortable and confident ride so you can head out again on Sunday, still fresh and ready to hammer your buddies one more time (www.jamisbikes.com)

    Jamis Ventura 718 Cyclery

    Jamis Ventura A2, $1049 (Women’s sizes also available)

    Jamis Ventura 718 Cyclery

    Jamis Ventura A1, $1299 (Women’s sizes also available)

    Kona Rove AL 650, $1099

    You may ask yourself, “What is this 650b semi-plump tire trend anyway?” Perhaps you’re gravel-curious, but not quite sure of how often you’ll really want to push your limits off the paved road. That, my friend, is what the Rove AL 650 is here for. It’s the road biker’s gravel/touring/do-it-all steed. It welcomes bigger tire clearance and more comfortable geometry. It provides everything you need for a fast, comfortable ride and nothing you don’t. It’s the perfect bike for commuting, partaking in weekend warrior adventures, or diving deeper into longer tours. (kona.com/RoveAL)

    Kona Rove AL 650 718 Cyclery

    Kona Rove AL 650, $1099

    Jamis Renegade (A1, S4), $1099-$1399

    Since 2014, the Jamis Renegade Series has been defining versatility in modern adventure bikes. The key is a finely tuned frame and fork design that maximizes handling and comfort whether you’re road riding with 28mm tires, adding a rack and fenders for commuting on 32’s or exploring the backcountry wilderness fully loaded up on 37mm rubber. Renegades will accommodate up to a  700c x 50mm/650b x 2.00”. (jamis.com/renegade)

    Jamis Renegade A1 718 Cyclery

    Jamis Renegade A1, $1099

    Jamis Renegade S4 718 Cyclery

    Jamis Renegade S4, $1399

    Jamis Sequel (S3 S2), $1099-$1299

    Think of the Sequel as an urban Renegade, built to tackle anything midtown can throw at it. Our SSD custom geometry and Reynolds double-butted chromoly frame deliver a comfortable ride with maximum stability in every frame size. While those 650b wheels offer both the security of 12mm thru-axle mounting and the pot-hole-eating capability of high-volume 47c tires. Toss in high-powered hydraulic disc brakes, a no-nonsense 1 x 10 drivetrain and a ton of fender, bottle and rack mounts and the Sequel is clearly ready for urban assault no matter the surface or condition (jamis.com/sequel)

    Jamis Sequel S3 718 Cyclery

    Jamis Sequel S3, $1099

    Jamis Sequel S2 718 Cyclery

    Jamis Sequel S2, $1299

    Breezer Radar Cafe/Expert, $1199-$1499

    Breezer Radar Cafe 718 Cyclery

    Breezer Radar Cafe, $1199

    Breezer Radar Expert 718 Cyclery

    Breezer Radar Expert, $1499

    Marin Four Corners, $1199

    The Four Corners is built for the adventure rider looking to explore deep off of the beaten path, sleep outdoors, and be ready for whatever pavement, dirt road, or light singletrack is around the next corner. The heads-up bar position and generous braze-ons that make it possible to live on the bike for days at a time are equally at home on the daily commute

    Marin Four Corners 718 Cyclery

    Marin Four Corners, $1199

    All-City Big Block $1249

    The Big Block represents All-City's vision of the ideal track bike for everyday life. Take it to the streets or the boards. Wherever you ride it, the Big Block will hold up its end of the deal.

    All-City Big Block 718 Cyclery

    All-City Big Block $1249

    Breezer Doppler Cafe, $1374

    Breezer Doppler Cafe 718 Cyclery

    Breezer Doppler Cafe, $1374

    Kona Unit, $1399

    If the Unit were to put out a wanted ad for its ideal rider it might look something like this: Cromoly, single-speed badass ISO someone to adventure with. Some people call me rigid. I think I’m just classy. I like long rides in the sun (or mud, or snow), will carry all your stuff, will last forever, and promise to be the bike that turns heads wherever you go. I can be converted to a 12-speed if that’s your thing. Like food? I have Bento box mounts too! Let’s party!

    Kona Unit 718 Cyclery

    Kona Unit, $1399

    State 6061 Black Label All-Road, $1399

    The 6061 Black Label All-Road offers a race-ready gravel machine at an accessible price. Featuring a rugged 6061 aluminum frame w/ lightweight carbon fiber fork w/ plenty, the choice wheels (thru-axle): 700c with “slick” tires or 650b with knobby tires, an 11speed drive-train, and disc-brakes.

    State 6061 Black Label All-Road 718 Cyclery

    State 6061 Black Label All-Road, $1399

    Surly Bridge Club (700c, 27.5”), $1449-$1499

    Bridge Club is for those multi-surface outings — planned or unplanned. We've all run out the clock on a dirt tour and had to add in some paved shortcuts. Conversely, when you’re feeling a little zesty on your next road tour, Bridge Club is ready for reroutes through the woods (surly.com)

    Surly Bridge Club 718 Cyclery

    Surly Bridge Club 700c, $1449

    Surly Bridge Club 718 Cyclery

    Surly Bridge Club 27.5”, $1499

    State Undefeated Disc Road, $1499

    Get off the track and out of the city on the Undefeated Disc Road; featuring new Y9 Alloy tubing, an oversized tapered head tube, and a full-carbon fork that come together to create a stiff, responsive, and fast ride. The Undefeated Disc Road complete build features a simplified 1x11 drivetrain. Paired with an 11-28T Cassette, the Undefeated Road provides a gear range to meet any challenge on the road. Tubeless compatible wheels and strong disc brakes glide over the road ahead.