Grepp Tape: Season 2

Grepp Tape: Season 2

I was fortunate enough to use Grepp Tape on my bike for our entire 2023 Touring Season. Thousands of miles in lots of weather. Since the tape is reusable and washable, I decided to give it a try during our winter off-season.

Removing the tape was obviously super easy due to there not being eny adhesive. Instead, a minimal rubber backing keeps things secure and in lace (until you want to remove it).

Here is the tape once removed.


For washing, I put the tape in a mesh washing bag, and washed it on cold/delicate settings. When the tape came out, I rolled it back up so that it would dry in good form. Interestingly enough, a customer though it was new tape as I had it on my desk at my shop.

The Re-Wrap went perfect, and I can't wait to get back out on it.

I cant say enough about how much I enjoy this tape. I'd say it feels somewhere between cloth tape and cork tape.  I rode many thousands of miles with it, and I stopped wearing gloves mid-2023.

Getting one great long season with any tape generally exceeds my expectations. I am excited that I am heading into Season 2 with Grepp.

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